Monday, September 11, 2006

Happy for My Bones

Sept. 11, 2006
Today is the day when I am happy for my bones.

Also the chicken that my mommy feeds me, the 20-minute walks, the 30-minute walks, and the corn muffins on the side.

I am also happy for the house that I live in, even though it can be boring at times; the peaceful garden outside my window, and the crickets hiding in the bushes that play a nice concert for me every night.

I am also very happy to have my beds, my soft bed in the living room, and my too soft bed in the bedroom.

I am most happy that every day is not like July 4th, when I run and hide the whole day from the sounds of firecrackers that to me sound like guns going off. I wonder how doggies in Iraq live? Are there any left after all those bombs? Most of them probably ran off to Saudi Arabia. It doesn't matter if they have to run 5,000 or 6,000 miles, dogs know when a place isn't safe.

Dogs like peace, quiet and security.

I don't know what happened today five years ago: I wasn't there. I just know that on that day (I do remember) my mommy didn't come home for many, many hours. It was so late I had to bravely hold it in for hours and hours and hours.

When she finally did, she hugged me very tight and covered me with kisses.

So I am also very happy to have my hugs.

And now it is midnight, and not 9/11 anymore.
But I am still happy for my bones.

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