Wednesday, September 06, 2006

How I Survived the Blackout of 2006

Well, I certainly hope you all did not have to deal with what I had to deal with Sept. 2, 2006.
I was all ready for a nice quiet weekend, when lo and behold, that big storm had to come along. It was Saturday afternoon at 3 p.m. It had already been raining for days, and it was still raining. The wind was blowing furiously.
All of a sudden, Bam! Smack! Shudder! Sizzle! Burn! The power lines in front of our apartment exploded in a rage of blue light and smoke. All the lights went out. Then they went on again. Two seconds later (yes, dogs can count, and we can do it without computers, calculators, and clocks), BAM again! Shudder! Smack! Sizzle! Burn! Smoke! (a different order this time).
Mommy screamed, and I ran under the table and took shelter.
Lights out. For ten hours.
That meant lighting candles and not being warmed by the sounds of television. The Orangutan who lives next door and watches T.V. for every living hour of his life, left the house, bound for his mommy's house. Why? She had electricity.
Blessful, peaceful silence.
BUT, no biking. It could have been a washout weekend except then Mommy decided that since all the food would soon be R-O-T-T-E-N (yes I can also spell), she would cook as much steak as possible, and feed it to ME!
Quel bon chance!
I ate to my heart's delight, and slept the entire 10 hours that we had no lights, until 1 a.m. when they came on, along with the piercing sound of a beeping electronic alarm, which lasted until 9 a.m.

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