Monday, November 27, 2006

Tiggy Takes Pioneer Ride

November 27, 2006

I finally got my new wagon from Burley!

Listen all you fat cats and dogs living at home. This is the life! Mother--who is slowly becoming "mom" again, (though I am reluctant to change my mind so quickly, afterall it's only been about two months since she last insulted me by not taking me to Interbike, but she's also made up for it in part by hand-feeding me turkey bits this Thanksgiving)--took me on my pioneer ride into the wild streets of Fort Lee, NJ on Saturday.

First I watched her build the darn thing with her friend, who we will call Uncle Joe (I don't know him by name, but I can tell you what he smells like: he smells like high-end bicycles, repetitive jersey washings, bread and butter and scrambled eggs, and a brand new Subaru that's been trashed with race-heavy junk food).

She and Uncle Joe, who is also fond of NY Times crossword puzzles, put it together in less than half an hour--without instructions!

Though Uncle Joe maintains that the parapet is on backwards--it's bright yellow and has paws stamped on it--it seems just right to me.

Mother/ Mommy shoved me head first into the contraption, and it's a bit small, so I had to manuever inside to turn around. It wasn't so easy, but she poked me a bit from the outside until I got settled. Thankfully she put my favorite wooly, lavender blanket in there, so I wouldn't be cold or uncomfortable.

We rode together all about 10 blocks, and I have to say that as calm as I was--I didn't try to jump out once--I think mom was a little nervous about taking me to Nyack which is about 40 miles round trip, and changed her mind at the last minute on Sunday.

She said something about "all those cars", and how she wanted to practice more. Myself, I felt perfectly fine, and can't wait to get out again!

As they say in the bike advocacy world--progress is slow, but at least there is progress.

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