Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tiggy the Bear Hibernates

Jan. 28, 2007--Yes, now I am a bear!

Look I have always thought I looked like a bear, acted like a bear, and even scared people like a bear (don't test me!)

But now I am sure I am a bear. Today I took a nice long walk on the muddy path of Tallman Park, and a woman walking by exclaimed, "she looks like a bear!"

As I have told you many times, I understand English (and many other languages, so don't try anything funny).

So I pranced a little more obviously. I am a bear, I am, a bear I am, I am. Dum dum de dum.

I really don't have to prove it. Of course bears don't have to show their teeth. They can sit on a rock and soak in the sun, and their presence will send mortals running and quaking with fear.

My proof is I am off the bike.

Why am I off the bike? Because it is NOT riding weather.

Maybe you people can go out there with your Sugoi thermal jackets, your Assos pantalones, your Pearluzumi "claw" gloves, and your Secret Agent 007 balaclavas, with only a bit of skin showing under all those layers. But WE! We bears have only our own hides to cover us.

Therefore it is NOT time for me to ride in Paws, and I forbade mother to take me in that contraption while the weather is inclement.

Just for entertainment's sake, let me share with you a little website I have discovered while hibernating and spending my days and evenings at the computer,

It looks like all that drinking and carousing really pays off in Chicago: they can't feel the snow! Maybe that's what we need here so the cops will leave us alone!

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Cary said...

Hey, Tiggy, hang in there - riding season will return! Murphy and I were just checking out your blog - glad you're enjoying Paws (when the weather is right)!