Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tiggy Attempts Walk on Ice, Avoids Drowning

Photo depicts me next to granma's grave: I could have been here too.

March 15, 2007--There is an ancient Chinese, I-Ching saying--the fox walks over the ice, but because he walks too soon and without care, he lets his tail get wet. Not a good thing for sure.

But IMAGINE not just your tail, but your entire body getting a total soaking. I am here to report that I survived very narrowly my first fall into the winter ice and am grateful to those awful human beings who stood there and watched momentarily as my black, shaggy head disappeared under the water, for jumping in and saving me.
Truth in fact is that the flow of the water dragged me under the bridge, and the ice all around made it impossible for me to get out.

As you can imagine, I really hate the water (no one is allowed to wash me, thus my carefully disheveled appearance, so often copied but never perfected by others); anyone who has tried has received a quick rebuke from my teeth.
This being the case, I really did not expect not only to be immersed in said water, but in frozen water to boot! Quel horreur!

Needless to say, Mother rescued me (at least she is good for something, even though she can't cook), and swaddled me in blankets. One thing that I just could not tolerate, however, is that she had the nerve to hold me in her arms tightly all the way back down to New York, which is against my religion. But I had no choice since she had me bounded by my four feet by that awful, smelly blanket. Although I did chortle and sneeze a few times, it was really all for affect.

Mother proceeded to regale me with stories of her own history of "drowning incidents," which she claims to have experienced since chidhood on a repeated basis. I suppose this story will be added to the long list of exaggerations.

Ta Ta! See you on the bike soon!
Tiggy Wiggly

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