Monday, May 07, 2007

Sorry to Report Bad News

From the Editor:

I am very, very sad--no despondent-- to report that Tiggy has died. She had been drowning in water for over six hours in Saugerties, NY. The date was May 1, at 3:45 a.m. after about nine hours of attempts to revive her and rid her lungs of water. She was still breathing and her heart was still beating when she was found in mud amid brambles and swampy land about 50 to 100 feet away from the Benepe house.

Even though she was so close, she could not be seen, her face half in the water, her body mostly submerged. She did not respond to calls until it was too late, about six hour after she fell in. At that time she must have made a valiant effort to bark, because her lungs were almost completely filled with water. She was so cold, her body never registered a temperature.

She had been searched for for about 3 hours, but we never thought to look upstream of a nearby creek. She may have been chased by another dog into the water, or she may have wandered off, or followed her mother.

She was rushed to the hospital with her mother holding her in the back, and her stepgrandmom Judith driving like a maniac in the front. She was attended to by the wonderful doctors Jackson and Rothstein and their team at the Saugerties Animal Hospital, and later was transfered by car to the Hudson Valley emergency clinic in Kingston.

For the transfer a lovely State Trooper (I think her name was Chloe, but I could be wrong) guided us with flashing police lights at 80 mph along country roads for the 20 mile drive, which Judith drove with cool skill like Maria Andretti. Unfortunately, even though Dr. Tully and her team worked through the night to help Tiggy, they could not bring her body temperature up, or rid her lungs of water.

She will be extremely missed. Her bowl of water, two beds, and a plate where she last ate her favorite food, cheese ravioli, (with Lyme's disease medication carefully tucked inside) are still sitting there wondering when she will be coming back.

A full memorial post will be written and posted shortly.

A memorial will be held this weekend, May 12th--13th, place and exact time and date also to be posted. At that time you will be all invited to come and talk about how much you loved her, or feared her teeth. During her prime, afterall, she was quite the watch dog.

There is a minute possiblility that Tiggy's ghost will continue to write this blog, but of course, she will only be able to experience her travels in a metaphysical sense.

This is also an official call for memorials written for Tiggy which I will post.



Callum Benepe said...

From: Callum Benepe

This is Tiggy's Uncle Callum. It is with great sadness that I am writing to Tiggy Travels today.
After a long and very indulged and loved life, Tiggy has moved on to that big doggie park in the sky.
But Tiggy went out in adventure mode, exploring a wild and mud swollen creek, like Indiana Jones.
Unfortunately the deep mud and water caused her demise. Tiggy will be missed terribly.
Those who knew Tiggy will remember her saucy disposition and biting sense of humor.
But as Tiggy grew older, she mellowed greatly and was always fun to be around.
This may be the last entry in this blog, but as one of Tiggy's other uncles Simon has mentioned, "Tiggy is still traveling, travelling to Heaven...."

mike pidel said...

hi jen so sorry to hear of the end of tiggy's life. i knew how dedicated and close you were to her.

jud said...

Jen, I'm so sorry about Tiggy. I have nice memories of keeping her company that one time when you were away.

Morag Benepe said...

I always DID like Tiggy's rather raffish appearance .
Her carefully honed image, I must say, scared the wits out of most of us.
She was however, a gentle soul at heart,
and I enjoyed the times Jenny left her with me .
She would nap on her blue sheepskin rug,
or in her later years, shuffle quietly around after me,
getting under my feet even, but she never DID bite me.
One day I had a visit from our building superintendent conducting a group
of housing inspectors around our building.
Tiggy, who had been sleeping in my room ,
leapt up and started barking furiously, snarling and
crashing against a fragile set of louvred french doors I'd hastily closed
as the men stepped off the elevator.
HUSH, Tiggy! I said, as I tried to calm her down. I mean, the noise was beyond description, really!
It sounded as if the hounds of hell were in there!
The super, ashen faced, backed with them into the elevator, mumbling,"Yes, Hush Tiggy"
and,"We'll come back another time! " They departed post haste.
Never DID see them again, come to think of it.
Total silence from the other side of the door as Tiggy returned to her rug.,
still huffed, but satisfied with a job well done.
As Jenny said, "she was quite the watch dog in those days!"
A loyal dog indeed, and very lucky in her life that she was taken in
by our kind hearted Jenny, who has loved and cared for her with such devotion lo these many years.
Rest in peace, Tigs. We'll all miss you!
Love, Morag.

fiona grieve (nee clyne) said...

Hello Jen, hope you can help me - I am looking for Morag Benepe, who I think may be your great aunt? My name is Fiona Clyne, her cousin, originally from Inverness UK. I will be in New York in mid August and would love to meet up with her. Could you give me any contact details please, or pass my e mail on? Hoping you can help, thanks, Fiona