Sunday, June 10, 2007

Triathlon for Tiggy in Spiritu

Last week's event, June 3, when the swim got thundered out shows how many wetsuits there were.

Benepe and a host of other cyclists participated in a "sprint" triathlon today.

It was held at Harriman State Park and attracted 400 participants and was put on by the New York Triathlon Club.

The race included a half mile swim in a murky, Sebago Lake dripping with lakeweed and secret under-dwellers who were scared into their hiding places by all these wetsuit-clad monsters in neon green rubber caps splashing above their usually quiet and pristine home. (Normally only a small section of beach is open to bathers).

In the spirit of Tiggy, Benepe also almost drowned in the first portion of the race due to stupidity: wearing a borrowed wetsuit for the first time in her life, which actually made her feel like she was drowning rather than floating. (Quick save by stripping "en agua" and handing over the blackseal blubber outfit to a lifeguard which cost her dearly in time but saved the swim).

Note to all newbies: so many more people were in so much more trouble in the water, but a flotilla of lifeguards in boats and floats made us feel more secure.
Two amazing runners coming in last week, June 3.

Nevertheless, Benepe made up much time on the bike, her trusty Trek Madone, which worked wonders on this 16-mile, hilly race course. Of course, the bike course was her best time. Only to get flubbed again when the 3 mile run started, where Benepe got sick after eating a "Gu" which does not integrate well with the sport of running.

For those of you want to try this sport, realize it takes a bit of training, but it's a little more fun and a lot less elitest than bike racing (where racers often make you feel like a toad who has shown up for a 19th century ball).

The next race by the same group, in the same place will be held on August 19.

Harriman State Park, more commonly known as Bear Mountain, was one of Ms. Tiggy's favorite places on earth. She took many beautiful hikes there over the years, including one off Tiorati Brook Road when she disappeared, and after we searched for her for close to an hour, found her more than two miles away, at the head of the trail waiting for us with a big smile on her face.

That was a typical Tiggy move.

One day Tiggy saw three massive bears eating fruit from the trees, and in an effort to catch them, gave her mother quite a pulling: fortunately that day, she was leashed before she caught sight of the bears. She knew a good thing when she saw it.

Tiggy the Bear Spirit

In the spirit of Tiggy then,
we flew through Bear Mountain,
under the drizzle and the dense umbrage
of the deep green trees
With birds trilling and waves of
scented flowers washing over us
We whizzed and buzzed through the
us birds on steel wings
Till our lungs were burnt
Our legs in cinders
Our wings forever remembering
The deep passage of green

-- June 10, 2007

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Cary said...

Jen, after a while of not visiting the blog, I just checked in and found the tragic news about Tiggy. I am so sorry. You are in our thoughts.
- Cary & Murphy