Sunday, November 11, 2007

CRCA Junior Squad Rides to Nyack, NY

Photos by Marco Quezada (c)
Ever since Tiggy's untimely demise, she has been accompanying her mother on bike rides--in spirit, and is still dictating blogs for Tiggy Travels from Never-Never Land.
The CRCA junior development team earlier this year before the four new members joined .

Tiggy learned today that Eugene Boronow, team manager of the Century Road Club Association junior development squad led 10 members for a ride from the New York side of George Washington Bridge to Nyack, NY and back again. The ride took 4 hours said Boronow.
"In general it is good to ride together as a group," he said. "Several new kids have joined the development squad and this was an opportunity to get them acquainted with the rest of the team and train together," he added.

Among the riders were Conner Sallee, 17, who placed second in the Oct. 28 Craig Meur cyclocross race "B" group among CAT 2, 3 and 4 adult riders held in Rockway, NJ.
Conner in the Oct. 28 cyclocross race

The ride included a one half hour stopover at Bunbury's in Piermont, NY where the squad took up two and a half tables, and drank coffee and ate muffins and cakes. "If there is a good cafe along the route, a latte stop is mandatory: to do otherwise is un-American," said Boronow.

Four new riders joined the group and rode with them for the first time, including Jordan Strober, Daneel Shaechter, Barry Weinstein, and Jake Reed all age 16.

"Since I'm new to the team, I was scared that there would be no room for me socially; but the squad was really nice to me and helped me adjust to a racing mentality and helped me beat those big hills in Piermont," said Schaechter who attends Hunter College High School and learned how to ride his first bike, a Trek hybrid just last year. This was his first month on a racing bike.

Barry Weinstein reportedly told Boronow it was the "most fun" he had ever had on his bike.
Bunbury's in Piermont, NY

For most of the riders, the trip was 50 miles, and for some like Khary Ward who traveled from Brooklyn, the trip was 70 miles.

Many of the junior CRCA squad are unaccustomed to riding outside of New York City's Central and Prospect Parks, and said the distance and the terrain were a challenge.

"They need to do this kind of training at least once a week in order to race well," said Boronow.

Jordan Strober was astonished by the number of cyclists on the road on Rte. 9W which the team took after cycling along River Road. He noted that when he rides near his home in Yorktown Heights, he encounters very few cyclists.

Old St. George Hotel in Nyack, NY back in the day--and that's really back, back, back in the day. Now the building has been converted to offices.

Boronow said most of the juniors are independent and can travel on their own with some minor exceptions: two members live in Connecticut and had to travel by train to Manhattan, and Strober had to be driven in by his parents from Yorktown Heights.

The remainder of the squad live in the New York City boros.
The CRCA junior squad in action, photo by Andy Shen (c)
The purpose of the team is to introduce kids to racing in New York City, and to give those who want to race the support they need to pursue their racing ambition, said Boronow. Cyclists must be under 18 and older than 14, and can be from the NYC TriState area.

Although there are only male members, Boronow said, "There has never been a girl who has approached us, but we would welcome girls." Starting in March, the team will race as often as they want to, although there is no fixed requirement, he noted.

"This is not a team for just riding, but for racing" said Boronow.

Members currently include the four new cyclists plus Lewis Almonte, Pascual Caputi (2007 graduate), Ian Harris (2007 graduate), Evan Cooper, Graham Lang, Liam Quigley, Connor Sallee and Khary Ward.
CRCA juniors take the podium

Two previous graduates of the junior squad are now racing in college, and one graduate Amaury Arias, 19, is currently racing for the Sakonnet team.

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