Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Addition to Tiggy Travels

There is a new addition to the Tiggy Travels blog, and her name is Anastasia.

Tiggy has reluctantly given up her post since dying last year, to the younger, and definitely more naive Ana (for short), often confused for "Nana".
Nevertheless, Tiggy will be training Ana in her new post, since she still does not have a full vocabulary at the age of 11 months, and hardly has any writing experience. She also seems more interested in chewing shoes, collecting stray socks, and digging a hole in the sofa.

Although Ana will never fill Tiggy's pawprints, being much smaller at a mere 15 pounds, and blonde (we all know black is better,) Tiggy will continue to train Ana in how to focus on her writing while eschewing social interaction, particularly with people and other dogs.
In addition, Tiggy has instructed her mother (from heaven of course,) that the Tiggy wagon will only do for the diminuitive Ana during major trips, such as escaping during a local crisis (like the often feared leak of the nearby Indian Point nuclear power plant by either terrorists or incompetence,) or a similar national crisis when all the fool motorists are stuck in traffic.

In the interim, for pleasure cruises she is recommending a basket.

1 comment:

Sally said...

Ana looks like a cutie but if she is naughty, you gotta show her who's the boss! =)