Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Skiing When Cycling is Not Possible

March 1, 2008--Upstate New York
By Tiggy Benepe, from Heaven

When snow hits the ground, everyone knows it's best not to ride. Snow piled on the sides of the road narrow the amount of space for cyclists, and increase the danger of either hitting snow yourself, or being hit by a motorist who doesn't want to give up space to you to go around the snow.

That's why when it snows, and it lingers, it's smarter to take to your skis, run, or ride indoors. Ana and Mumsie took to the hills of upstate NY for their practice run. Ana was celebrating her first birthday, and skied like a champion, periodically taking a turn on top of Mumsie's skis.
Above you see her approaching the Warlock's house in Hurley, NY--who also owns two GIANT, vicious wolves posing as dogs. She wasn't so sure it was a good idea, and I know it wasn't--been there, done that.

In the following pics Mumsie and Ana took a half hour spin at Poet's Walk, just off Rt. 199 on the other side of the Hudson River, between the Rhinebeck Bridge and the Rt. 199 split to Rhinebeck/ Red Hook.

It was about 4:30 pm and the sun was struggling with the wind and the clouds for dramatic effect. Ana has never had a happier birthday--though it was still only her first!!!

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