Friday, April 18, 2008

From Alfredo Garcia

This is from Alfredo Garcia, an important event for those whose lives intersect cycling and animals! Tiggy would wholeheartedly agree.

By the way, Ana Banana has taken a ride in Tiggy's Wagon, "Tails," but she is still not sure that is the way to go--she might prefer a basket up front.

Here she is comfortably ensconced in laundry. But don't let that give you the wrong impression--she runs like the wind, and chews sneakers during her down time, as a graphic reminder of what she really would prefer doing.

We are looking for the right basket Please send suggestions to our email address,

Without further ado, here is Alfredo's posting:

"Here's a bike event that will benefit man's best friend:

SBRA sponsors the SECOND SIGHT Bike-A-Thon to benefit the Guide Dog Foundation. The foundation raises, trains, and furnishes guide dogs, free of charge, to visually impaired people who seek the independence, mobility, and companionship a guide dog provides. Rides of 10, 20, 30, 50, & 65 miles all leave from Guide Dog Foundation campus, 371 East Jericho Turnpike Smithtown, NY. Great for families.

Note: scheduled for a Sept. 2008 Sun. The bike event graphic is cool: There's two depictions of dogs: one on a leash on all fours and another riding a bike wearing a helmet on its head and having a lease strapped on the shoulders.

Previous mention on the Guide Dog foundation website

The 18th Annual Second Sight® Bike-A-Thon
On September 16, 2007, the Guide Dog Foundation held its 18th annual Second Sight® Bike-A-Thon and couldn't have asked for a more ideal day: a near-cloudless sky; just the right temperature for a bike ride; enthusiastic participants eager to hit the open road. The perfect weather helped bring out the riders. This year, over 300 showed up to tour Long Island's North Shore and raise money for the Foundation's programs.

With rides ranging from 10 miles for novice riders to 65 miles for expert riders, people of all abilities were able to participate, including some of our graduates from our guide dog program. For these folks, a team of riders volunteered to ride tandem bikes. A tandem bike can allow people who are blind or visually impaired share the joy of cycling with a sighted captain.

Upon their return to the Foundation, participants were treated to lunch, and visits with our dogs in training.

This popular event raises money for the Foundation's mission to improve the quality of life for people who are blind or visually impaired or who have other special needs."


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