Friday, January 02, 2009

PARADISE (TWO) Skiing Tallman Park

Tallman Park

On New Year's Eve day we had the good fortune to be near Tallman Park in Palisades, NY when the early snowfall occurred, and momma had the foresight to bring her skis and my PETEGO contour messenger bag (she can take me on the bike or on skis with this!!!!)

We entered at the parking lot closest to Rte 9W across from the old golfing course, and just north of the crossroads to Sneden's Landing to the right, and Closter Rd. to the left on Oak Tree Road. It's also just north of Weleda, that incredible German massage oil company. (Of course momma gives me massages, but not with Weleda, as it would muss my lustrous coat.)

We took the car, but if you don't have wheels, you can take the 9A bus from the 177th St. bus station (or from 42nd st. bus station) and get off at Oak Tree road before the bus turns west towards Piermont Road. Then you just have to walk about 1/4 mile to the unmarked entrance to the Tallman Park trail. You'll recognize the entrance because it's right after construction on the right, and has parking for about 20 cars.

Although there was enough snow to ski, sometimes those annoying sharp balls from the trees got in the way. But the lighter snow coverage made it easier for me to run down the trail while momma skied.

I was thirsty and went running down to the little ponds along the way, and fell into the ice. Momma screamed and luckily it wasn't so deep, but I was really thirsty and with all those delicious ponds along the three mile trail, I think I made momma really nervous by running down to them and almost falling in a couple of times.

We never saw a soul, and the skiing was truly excellent (said momma) though she felt it wasn't enough exercise. She wanted to turn around because she saw that all along the hair on my paws I was collecting huge, banging balls of ice, and I was freezing. Even though she had her contour messenger bag (just in case) she knew I would freeze even in the bag because the ice was sticking to me.

On the way back the sun tried to sneak through the clouds on the horizon. A couple of times it came and went: never mind that it was 19 degrees, this IS paradise! I wish we could do this every day.

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