Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baby Goes to the Beach

Ah what a day. Well first of all, let me say when mama put me in the car yesterday, the skies threatening rain, I had no idea we were headed for a meeting with The Bike People yesterday.

Down to New Brunswick we went, driving and driving with big trucks and fast cars. At one point when we were passing the stinky factories, a black car passed and who was in the front seat but another doggie who looked just like me!

I started scrambling over mama's lap to get a better look, but she shut that down big time: I guess she didn't want us to become dog food on the highway.

When we finally got there ( I think mama was going 500 miles per hour,) we got lost. Hey anything new with that? Finally after talking to a nice policeman (I do like police), we found the garage under the Blaustein School at Rutgers.

Momma was all prepared to leave me in the dark, gloomy garage for God knows how long and that wasn't happening I told her. Anyway, I gave her one look and she knew exactly what I was saying, "Don't you dare!."

At the risk of potentially huge embarrassment she told me, (why, I want to know?) she loaded me into the Petego bag, and into the building we went. Late, so late, so verrry verrry late.

There we listened to a very long presentation about maps and lots of people were talking and clapping. I know momma is going to blog about that so I won't bother you with the details. Once that was over, like six hours later, we got back in the car, got stuck in traffic going three miles back to the highway--it took us almost an hour!

Then momma drove me to the beach! Okay, so that was the apogee of the day! I didn't know there were beaches in New Jersey! We saw one pervert sitting in his truck (okay so maybe he wasn't a perv, but he looked like one.) Then we walked on the beach for an hour. I got my paws wet and drank dirty sea water.

One thing I have to say as a doggie, I really can't stand how dirty everything is: all that tar and oil on the beach got on my little paws. I saw so much garbage, and I couldn't even find anything juicy in it: such a waste. But the wind was blowing in my mane, and I was free free free! When we got to the pier, momma wanted to walk out but it was closed. Then we went back to the car via a boardwalk that went --no where! Man, New Jersey sure is illogical.

We also got to see all the closed rides, and the skanky-looking bars.

Then to my great disappointment we got back in the car and went back to the highway. Seeing all those thousands and thousands of cars on the highway made my little head depressed. Then momma stopped at one of those huge highway joints and she bought me a hamburger. Hmm! Food hasn't tasted so good in a long time.

Soon it will be time to get back on the bike: I can't wait!

Ana Banana


Anonymous said...

Ana Banana should wear a bikini next time to the beach! - helen

Jen Benepe said...

You crack me up!
but that's a good idea.
Ana Banana