Thursday, April 16, 2009

River Road is Open in New Jersey!

Though I haven't been with Mama lately on RR--except on foot--the road is now open again to cyclists.

Since about November of 2008, the road along the Hudson River between the New Jersey towns of Fort Lee, and Alpine, has been closed due to a couple of rock falls.

The rock falls are fairly common, and happen about once a year, mostly during inclement weather, according to the folks at Palisades Park who are custodians of the road and the park that surrounds it.

When cyclists can't use the road, they tend to go insane, said Mama, because it is about the only place in New Jersey on road (i.e., not mountain bike off road) where there are few cars. The scenery is divine, the history laden.

Mama attempted to cross the rock falls in March with her bike but was turned away by the sheer size of the giant boulders--most of them taller, bigger and meaner than 10 men together, and common sense.

A rock slide back in the 1940's along River Road; they haven't changed much, if anything, they're bigger now.

Now that they are opened again, bike riders can enjoy this beautiful, 7-mile mostly car free space for bike riding!

Add to that the terrific walkway from about 50 feet south of the George Washington Bridge on the northbound side of Hudson Terrace. This walkway was completed early this year and now provides cyclists with the opportunity to ride down to the entrance to the Palisades Park road without being in fear of their lives.

This picture depicts bikes parked at the end of River Road, at the Alpine Palisades Park police station.

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Ana Banana

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