Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Calling all cyclists for Weeding Duty

Well, I haven't been strolling down the Westside Greenway for a while.

We had such a lovely time I wanted to tell you what the Glorious Ms. M is up to!

She recently started going out early in the morning to help clean the Hudson River Greenway of weeds. A couple of days ago, she was formally inducted into her job as a freelance, stress on the "FREE" part, gardener for the custodians of Hudson Park, the Hudson River Park Trust.

With the help of two very good looking parks' employees and a couple of other volunteers, she will be weeding there at least twice a week, and trust me, they have their work cut out for them!

She is also asking you all, the next time you take a ride down the Hudson River, please stop by and help her weed for 15 minutes.

As A the B Commissionario de Parques says, it is the 59,000 volunteers that make parks work in New York, so do your part, you cyclist you!

Here is a personal message from the glorious Ms. M:

We had the BEST time this morning! Here are the two horticulturists who worked with me. Their names are Russel Dungan and Brian Korman. I think we shifted an amazing amount of weeds in a little less than an hour!..See them piled along the edge of the road.

It was a bit overcast, so the pictures aren't very good, and my hair is a mess,but the guys look great, I think. (uh huh)

I'd like to get some of your biking friends involved.. people who like to weed early in the morning..7.30 to 8.30 a.m. works well, I think, before it gets too hot ,and it leaves the rest of the day for them to get to work.

They can meet us at the crosswalk at 23rd. street , near the Chelsea piers, beside the bikeway on Mondays, or Wednesdays, or Fridays, weather permitting.

Note the nifty volunteer shirt. If they call me in advance with their sizes, the Hudson River Park Trust will send shirts and caps for them.

Just a few people volunteering an hour a week will make a huge difference.

Love, M.

Oh and one more thing: the Glorious Ms. M is a tremendous designer. Check out her horticulturally relevant cards and wrapping paper....at www.moragbenepedesigns.com or email her at moragbenepe@gmail.com

Ta ta!

Yours truly, Ana Banana Jasinka

PS relevant to this topic, the Five Boro Bike Club will have two special bike way people coming to talk at their July 20th meeting

Here is some of the info:

Monday July 20,2009 General Meeting @ 6:30 pm

There are two very outstanding local teams that are focused on the environment, sustainability, multi modal usage and of course fun for cyclists, pedestrians and the general public. One team is currently working on The Hudson River Greenway & The other team is working on The Bronx section of The Bronx River Greenway (a small yet crucial component of The East Coast Greenway.

Howie Mann

Howie Mann of The New York Metropolitan Transportation Council- NYMTC http://www.nymtc.org/ is a nationally recognized transportation engineer who has developed a specialization in freight planning. He also heads their Pedestrian/Cycling Group. He is a long Island Cyclist. Howies' team is currently working on The Hudson River Link (which will provide for an interrupted path from Inwood Park to the Old Croton Aqueduct in Yonkers).

Maggie Scott Greenfield

Maggie Scott Greenfield of The Bronx River Alliance (www.bronxriver.org) is an urban planner and environmental scientist with an advanced degree from M.I.T., is the director of the greenway for The Alliance & has completed the following projects: The Bronx River Greenway Plan(www.bronxriver.org/plans) and the Bronx River Greenway Signage Plan. It is anticipated that the greenway will become a linear park from The East River to The Kensico Dam with recreational, educational, ecological and out reach community programs. Maggie and her team are currently focused on the Shoelace Park & Front Knox areas of the Bronx (from Magenta Street to 233rd Street-along the Bronx River) in conjunction with The NYC Parks Department.Maggie is also a cyclist and already has her toddler cycling with her.

As cyclists most of us are very familiar with these two venues. The 5BBC invites you to come here about the master plans of these two teams who share a common mission and to also offer feedback as consumers of the product.

Date:Monday Evening July 20,2009 at 6:30 PM

Location:Lower Manhattan Business Improvement District, 104 Washington Street (Just North of Rector Street), Manhattan. Subways: 1/R/W to Rector, or 4/5 to Wall Street.

Light refreshments to be served. If you have any questions,please contact: Barry at programs@5bbc.org

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