Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Baby takes Momma for a Walk

You know how it is how they always say that they are "taking us" for a walk.

But today I proved it was I, I, who takes Momma for a walk.

We went out the usual way, proceeding down Center Avenue, till we got to the corner, then another block north, and then halfway I stopped in my tracks signaling that I wanted to cross the street.

Momma finally knows what that means, I mean she's not that dumb. Anyway, so we cross the street and at the next corner, I take a right.

Well, I know she was surprised, you know we've never taken a left before on that corner, and I BET she said, "Funny little dog, where are you going?"

I bet she thought I was just going to go around the block.

But nooooo. What is it with people that they think they are the only ones that know what's going on, how to get from A to Z, even if they've never actually gone from A to Z?

I mean dogs, real dogs, don't even need maps. Leave us on our own, and we have the whole place mapped out, even if we've only done segments of it before, from an entirely different direction.

And there I was walking along at a brisk pace--it was about 30 degrees outside. And we got to the next corner, and I know she thought I was going to turn right, and I just kept walking straight.

Now Momma has NEVER taken me this way, at least not in this direction, and she knows I hate going to the pharmacy, because I hate being left outside, so I know a little bell went off in her head: "Where is little Ana Banana going?"

And I kept going straight, at my little brisk pace, my tail wagging in unison. Past the strip mall on the right, past the pharmacy, past the Verizon store,...oh-oh, we had never gone this way before....straight to the corner, and bam! I took another right, heading for home.

At that point I think I had her totally in awe because we've never gone that way before, and I heard her laughing softly to herself, but by then I was so cold I just wanted to get home quickly.

Because we are often around the George Washington Bridge, people stop in their cars and ask for directions all the time. I basically know how to get from Washington Heights, to New Jersey, from Fort Lee, to Route 80, 95, 1, 9, and 46, as well as Lemoine Avenue, Rte. 9W, the Palisades (my favorite), Tallman State Park, Nyack, Piermont, Kingston, Hurley, Saugerties, and now after last week, I know every inch of Route 95 from here to Virginia. I even know how to get to my cousin's school in Bethesda, MD.  I mean this isn't rocket science.

But people, they really don't know anything, you know?

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