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Ana Banana's New Year's Dog Day Stroll 2010

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As is appropriate I spent part of the day strolling down by the snow-covered Hudson River.

You know,  Jersey-side.  I've gotten pretty good at taking shots with that Dog-Berry that momma got for me for Christmas.

It's got a special pad for my pad, ya know? I just click it with one of my claws and whammo gizmo, up comes the main Dog Command Center (DCC).

So what to note in particular other than to show you my marvelous shots?

Well, for one I spent a rather quiet New Year's eve. No wine or champagne for me, not even watching the ball drop.

I just slept on the floor like dogs do when their momma's and dadda's go out on the town. Not sure where Momma went, all I know is she didn't take me.

But today was different. While I guided the Subaru Outback down the hill to the marina, I noted there was no one there. That meant one thing: LEASH-LESS!

What better way to start the New Year than without all the chains that bind us. Our stroll yielded the most gorgeous misty panorama. For one, you could see clear across the still Hudson with it's softly blue sky reflected to the Cloisters in upper Manhattan.

Then looking down the river, you could see down to the George Washington Bridge.

Unfortunately buried in that gorgeous little beach is a ton of pollutants, namely PCB's dumped by General Electric years ago and STILL not cleaned up despite all the work by the company under the directive of the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States.

Pic: 'Da beach on the Hudson. Not for swimming.
Copyright Ana Banana Bikes (c).

From approximately 1947 to 1977 GE discharged as much as 1.3 million pounds of polychlorinated biphenyls from its capacitor manufacturing plants at the Hudson Falls and Fort Edward facilities into the river.

Of course GE never wanted to do any cleaning in the first place, but so far they have been forced to by our government.

Those chemicals along with the dirty oil being left behind from regular use by the tugboats, ferries, and giant boats on the river tend to irritate my paws and cause cancer when I lick them off.

Pic: can you see the Cloisters on the Manhattan side? Copyright Ana Banana Bikes (c).

Which I do, because I am a dog, and that's what dogs do. You can't stop us, we like to be clean in our way.

As we near the edges of the trail I have taken to stopping.

One big reason: there is a big coyote or two that live here and have taken to leaving behind their scents at the beginning of the trail.

I know mommy is big and all, but I doubt she could catch a coyote who has taken me into his jaws and is running for the hills.

So I take matters into my own hands and stop about 30 yards into the 1.2 mile trail. What a shame. But better alive than dead, n'est'ce pas?

I know this thoroughly aggravates mommy-dearest, but being the wiser of the two species I hold to my guns.

She relents and walks me in the other direction, towards the boats that have been dry docked for the winter.

Aren't they beautiful?

In my imagination I could be on a white sanded beach in the Galapagos Islands, tooling around the boats, and strolling around with a Mai Tai cocktail.

They do match the clouds rather well, no?

There is a lot to sniff here, including these giant paw marks. They must be geese. But where are they? I wouldn't mind some to chase right now.

This place is really cool because aside from the fact that no one came down the hill until we were ready to leave, and it was the most quiet and peaceful I have ever seen it, I got to tour the entire joint without a leash. 

I kept expecting the park rangers or police to show up anytime and bark at me, but no, it was a blissful walk with no interruptions--not even from the coyotes!

Say yes to freedom!

Happy New Year to all you dogs out there (you know who you are!) More next time.


Ana Banana

Pictured: this is where about I stop on the trail: Many, many coyote smells here. Oh oh. 
(c) Ana Banana Bikes.

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