Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sunday Stroll Update: Better to Skate than Cycle in this Weather

This cold has put a definite dent in my walks: length of walks and destination.

Today I think Momma felt sorry for me and took me to Tallman Park. I could only make it a half mile before I wanted to turn around.

We took the shortcut through the woods back to the main trail, and we came upon a group of spontaneous skaters and their dogs.

On the bank one of the family had a nice fire burning to warm little toes and fingers. Now that's what people should do in the winter--not cycling!

Which reminds me, on the way to Tallman, we passed many cyclists on the road all bundled up. Many of them were riding over the shoulder. Now why, when there is snow on the ground, would they take chances like that?

They were riding two and three abreast, almost as if no one else was on the road except them. Now that's exactly what pisses drivers off, because realistically they are not sure they can pass safely.

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