Sunday, October 24, 2010

Banana Does Tallman for Fall Foliage

Oct. 24, 2010. (c) Benepe All Rights Reserved, All Photos (c) Benepe
I took Mama up to Tallman today. It was a gorgeous fall day. She didn't feel like riding her bike, which was great for me, because when she does, I sit at home waiting all day for her.
Or at least it feels that way.
It turned out to be a nice warm day, and though I would have been happy staying close to home, I know she would never be happy doing that. So up we went.
When we got there the parking lot was full (of course I drove, she's darn lazy!)
Splashes of sunshine here and there came creeping through lighting up the yellow, orange and red leaves. There was so much to smell!
But after less than half a mile, I noticed those darn coyote urine tracks, and frankly, I wasn't in the mood to continue down the path.
I stopped dead in my tracks, which of course forced Mama, the health exercise nut, to pick me up and carry me. She must have carried me for at least a mile when we came around the bend, and she said, "Enough is enough, time to walk fatso."
So I did.
A little while further we ran into two people and their little girl. She was crying so loud we could hear her all the way down the path.
Apparently she didn't want to walk either the poor thing. But I don't know if it was because she could smell the coyotes.
We tried to cheer her up--well I offered her my golden head to touch, and it seemed to help a little.
We went past the gate, down the hill, and then up another hill to the top of the park.
When we got there, oh, there were so many smells! I just could not stop stopping!
We came to the very edge of the cliff and I took some photos: I asked Mama to take this one of me though of course, the smells were so delectable, I could not help putting my head down again.
Then we went back almost the same way we came.
Mama ran into some of her friends--or rather they almost ran into us. Aside from them, I would say that the cyclists are a bit annoying on the trail. They talk really loudly, almost shouting.
And they come really fast behind me, and almost chop off my tail or cut me in two. And they don't even say excuse me, or "How are you today?"
I have to say, I don't really like cyclists as people.
So we took a back woods path, where cyclists don't go for the last mile or so. That was really fun.
I saw chipmunks and squirrels and lots of birds. Five miles--that's a lot of territory for a 19.6 pounder like me.
And now I am doggone tired!

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Sally said...

How are you, Jenn? Aww...I love reading the Ana Banana articles that you write so well. The pictures looks really nice and it makes me feel like I'm there on the trail with you and Ana. I'm very happy to hear that you take her on such exquisite nature walks. :-)

Take care,