Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dog Dumping and Dog Stealing, Up in Down Economy

Two Shitzhus found in Marion County, Illinois, up for adoption
An Illinois-based animal shelter reported that dog dumping is on the rise in their area.

Around the same time, two pure bred dogs were stolen in a burglary in the Chicago area.

Both crimes are evidence that a bad economy has had a negative effect on animals as they are either dumped because owners can no longer care for them, or stolen for profit. In both cases, the animals lose.

In the first, the animals lose their home and shelter, and may be "put to sleep" because they are older or can't be placed in a new home. In the second case, stolen animals face all kinds of danger, from being killed by the robbers, to being sold for experimentation.

Both cases point to the lack of sufficient animal rights and protections in this country and around the world that animals must endure at the hands of the human race. During recessions, those rights become further deteriorated as human beings scramble to protect their own economic condition over the health and safety of animals.

Two Shitzhu's with matted hair, body sores and weak from lack of food were recently recovered in Marion County, Illinois, reported the Marion Star. Apparently the dogs had been dumped by the owners, even though the local shelter allows owners to bring in dogs that they no longer want or can care for.

Marion County Dog Warden Amie Adams said she found five homeless dogs in one week, none of whom bore tags or were identified by their owners which she said was unusual.

Max, stolen in Chicago area yesterday, along with
pal Shitzhu, Magwai. Call 630-420-6006. 
In Naperville, Illinois, a Shihtzu and a Bulldog were stolen in a burglary from an apartment in the area, according to a news report in the Naperville Sun.

The Bulldog, Max is a 37-pound, 8-year-old male, with brown and white marks on his nose, chest and paws.  He wore a black collar.

Magwai is a 2-year-old Shitzhu with long white hair, brown ears, and brown spots. He wore a red Disney collar. Anyone with information about the Naperville dogs should call the area's Crime Stoppers at 630-420-6006, and can qualify for a $1,000 award.

If you want to adopt either of the two Shitzhus, call their pound at 740-386-6150 or their humane society, at 740-389-6548. Or visit the Marion County list of found dogs.  They also currently have a Jack Russell mix and a Terrier mix looking for homes. 

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