Saturday, November 03, 2012

You Wouldn't Buy Fur if You Saw This

A trapped bobcat. Look how beautiful it once was, as a live creature. No more
We came across some very disturbing pictures and statements on the Internet today.

Amid all the post recovery for Hurricane Sandy, animals are still the lowest level of priority in this country, and in most.

To make that gorgeous fur coat or collar for the coat so many manufacturers are trying to push on you this season, you should see how they are made.

It's not a pleasant sight, so be prepared.

This site shows how the animals are trapped with one leg, and then killed for their fur. Another photo shows the trappers drowning an animal to get their fur untouched.

This is a disgusting business. We don't need to kill animals to be warm anymore. Now we have gorgeous down coats, and loads of synthetic fabrics as well as natural wool to keep us warm.

We're an intelligent, developed, educated society. Therefore, we should also be humane and stop killing animals so we can look posh on the street.

And by the way, fur traders are also now killing dogs. The pictures also show a domestic cat killed by one of these trappers.

Here are some stores that don't carry fur:

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