Thursday, March 07, 2013

Poaching Rhino Horns is Only for Men Without....

You can thank Animal Planet for running two back-to-back programs on the poaching of rhino horns.

The horns can fetch up to a million dollars each, and doing the dirty work to obtain them are the men who leave carcasses upon carcasses of dead rhinos rotting in the hot sun.

The first story details the story of Phila. Titled Saving Rhino Phila, it's a painful show to watch.

Saving Rhino Philla details not only the gross violence against these animals but also reveals that the poaching of their horns is based on pure ignorance--the belief that the horns will turn men who can't get it up into men who can.

It's a myth because the horns are made out of nothing more than the kind of material you would find in horses' hooves.

No matter how you look at this situation, this is the domaine of the immensely ignorant, the weak, the dirty, the utterly corrupt, those without brains, and perhaps souls.

Take a quick gander at the program being run by Animal Planet. The documentary details the near destruction of rhino Phila, who was shot so many times, it was a miracle that she ever survived.

Phila was shot in the wild, and ran off, to be found and hospitalized days later. The criminals who shot and wounded her the first time, had the temerity to return to the hospital and shoot her multiple times again.

Finally, in a desperate attempt to protect Phila, her caretakers removed her horns and moved her to an enclosed area--a zoo, where she could survive.

All of the other Rhinos are shot with impunity, and the criminals are protected by local authorities, presumably to garner the large payoffs for turning the other way.

Those authorities live in large mansions in swimming pools, in a country where their regular salaries would only afford them a shack. Yet the corruption and senseless killing for horns continues.

The program which aired at 8 PM detailing the sad lives of these poor animals is followed by a reenactment of the story of four soldiers who take it upon themselves to battle the poachers at 9 PM.

In this show the intro says that last year alone, 100 men died protecting rhinos, and 668 rhinos were killed by vicious poachers armed with helicopters and advanced weaponry.

On average one rhino every 16 hours is killed in this one area of South Africa.

Sadly those soldiers cannot be there every day.

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