Friday, May 10, 2013

In the News: Shih Tzu Survives Abuse

We thought you would like to read about Bentley who was rescued by a volunteer, Eva Podietz, of the ASPCA.

Bentley arrived at the ASPCA "after a devastating kick to the head that left him with a dangerous brain hemorrhage, broken jaw and a broken skull, threatening to destroy his tiny brain stem. He could barely stand or move his legs," wrote the organization. 

Any sudden movements could have killed the Shih Tzu, they said.  ASPCA veterinarians provided head trauma care, medications to reduce fluid build-up in his brain, and comprehensive pain management. After a few weeks of care, Bentley began lifting his neck and wagging his tail to greet staffers. And one day, Bentley began to regain use of his legs!
But the dog was still scared of people, and he wasn’t eating well. The organization placed him in foster care with Podietz, and he quickly gained a pound and started to open up. “After a month it was clear it was an adoption, not a foster,” reported Podietz. "Now he is showered with love, attends doggy daycare and, despite everything he’s been through, “doesn’t seem to hold a grudge.”
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