Saturday, November 30, 2013

Terrorizing Turkey, Payback for all those Thanksgiving Meals

By Ana Banana Benepe--Some Post Thanksgiving Musings

Tom the turkey was a little fluff ball that his two owners saved from a hawk when he was a wee one.
President Obama pardoning the turkey before Thanksgiving, 2009 
But he later grew up to be territorial, aggressive, and often in attack mode, especially around cars.

This story from National Public Radio about Tom the terrorizing  turkey shows that sometimes turkeys have had enough of being kicked around, not to mention being eaten en masse by the millions on Thanksgiving day every year.

Tom decided that he didn't like cars--
President Harry Truman receiving a turkey in 1949. 
seems justified--or people who walked to and from them--maybe not so justified, unless he was trying to protect his flock.

What occurred to me, speaking as a dog, is how stupid these people are running to and from their cars.

Don't they realize that animals have a right to live here too?

One woman says with disgust, "He pecked my car," clearly upset that the turkey damaged the paint.

What is wrong with this country that we care more about cars than living creatures?

Needless to say, you'll love parts of this story. Incidentally, eating turkey makes me ill, and we were told by our vet that dogs cannot and should not, eat turkey.

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